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Maritime PressMaritime Press
 Maritime Market Maritime Market
 Baltic Transport Journal Baltic Transport Journal
 Namiary na Morze i Handel Namiary na Morze i Handel
 Nadmorski Przeglad Gospodarczy Nadmorski Przeglad Gospodarczy
 Shipping Engineering Shipping Engineering
 Maritime Executive Maritime Executive
 Hansa Hansa
 Nordicum Nordicum
 Seatec Seatec
 Schiff & Hafen Schiff & Hafen
 Digital Ship Digital Ship
 Fairplay Fairplay
 Seatrade Seatrade
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  Maritime Press

Maritime Market

Russian language quarterly publication, that describes shipbuilding, maritime transport, deep sea mining and many others. It is available all over Russia and former Soviet Union countries.
Details under phone number: +48 (91) 462 34 14

Baltic Transport Journal

Bimonthly magazine, published in english, covering maritime transport, aviation and tourism in the Baltic Sea Area.


WORLD SHIP is one of the largest circulated technical marine engineering and ship equipment magazines in China. This is a monthly magazine with an audited issue circulation of 12000.

Namiary na Morze i Handel

Polish language biweekly. Format: A-4. Magazine is published since over 40 years. Issues of polish maritime economy: shipping, ports, maritime services. Basis of much professionallity and many years tradition, first as initial magazine PLO, to come out under name "Namiary", since a few years published by PROMARE, under new title "Namiary na Morze i Handel".
Details under phone number: +48 (91) 462 34 14

Nadmorski Przeglad Gospodarczy

A Polish and German language magazine relating to the economy and industry on the West coast of Poland which pays particular attention to the maritime industry. Nadmorski Przeglad Gospodarczy BiP has been published since 1991
Details under phone number: +48 (91) 462 34 14

Shipping Engineering

Subjects range:
General ship performances, ship structure, marine major and auxiliary equipment, marine navigation, specialized equipment, shipbuilding technics, management and administration.

People the fields of shipbuilding, shipping, transportation, navy, fishery, haven and water-sports; leaders, decision makers, administrative personnel and technicians in shipyards, manufacturers, research institutes and colleges.

Maritime Executive

The Maritime Executive is written for executives and managers at every level of the industry. The Maritime Executive offers strategies and solutions through case studies, executive interviews, political analysis, and enlightening articles addressing the most critical issues in the industry. The Maritime Executive is the world’s leading maritime business journal.


German and English language monthly. Format: A-4. Published for 150 years. Global range and much popularity in maritime branch. Exclusive representative in Poland is LINK Publisher.
Details under phone number: +48 (91) 462 34 14


NORDICUM Scandinavian Business Magazine is an English-language review coming out six times a year. The magazine concentrates on business and economics in Northern Europe.. NORDICUM has been published since 1993 providing its readers with analyses of the driving forces behind the Baltic Sea market area. Each edition of NORDICUM includes an in-depth look at a particular industry of area.


SEATEC - Finnish marine technology review 2008
SEATEC connects companies in the field of shipbuilding, from small companies to large shipyards. In a larger context it is a media for Nordics's maritime cluster. SEATEC is a true calling card of the north European expertise in shipbuilding.

Schiff & Hafen

Seit über 50 Jahren ist Schiff & Hafen eine der führenden deutschsprachigen maritimen Fachpublikation mit der mit Abstand höchsten verbreiteten Auflage (IVW-geprüft) und bedient kompetent und zuverlässig die maritimen Fachkräfte im deutschsprachigen Raum. Ebenso anerkannt ist Schiff & Hafen bei den Spezialisten in Skandinavien, Osteuropa, Benelux, Grossbritannien und den mediterranen Staaten Europas.
Szczegó³y pod numerem telefonu: +48 (91) 462 34 14


German language atlas including maps for inland shipping of Germany and Poland area. Format:A-4. Exclusive representative in Poland is LINK Publisher.
Details under phone number: +48 (91) 462 34 14

Digital Ship

The latest news in mothly issue, developments and opinion in commercial maritime information technology, including onboard electronics, ship-shore communication, e-business and software.


Each week, Fairplay brings a weekly digest of world maritime news, backed by commercial and technical reports on every sector. At Fairplay we pride ourselves on publishing the world's best-read and most talked about subscription package.
Details under phone number: +48 (91) 462 34 14


Published six times a year, Seatrade takes a wider view. Focusing on the key questions and making sense of events for a world-wide executive readership. "In its 30 year history, Seatrade magazine has won an outstanding reputation for high quality reporting and analysis of the business of shipping worldwide".
Details under phone number: +48 (91) 462 34 14

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