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LINK was established in Poland in 1993, as an maritime publishing house and internet-oriented specialist in scope of Polish maritime industry. We aim at introducing an information system that will facilitate contact between Polish and foreign maritime companies. MARITIME PUBLICATIONS and MARITIME VORTAL can help you to sell your products and services or to find partners and suppliers. Now we are leading e-commerce Polish maritime services. LINK has direct access to the people and companies involved in the maritime business and always keep up as your long-term partner. In 2007 with our partners from Russia (joint venture BIMA). We are the co-owner of the biggest maritime worldwide web sites: WWW.SHIP2YARD.COM,
WWW.DE.bima.EU ,

Maciej Wedzinski - President

Marcin Raciborski
Member of Board

Ludmila Zawolek
Director of B.O. Gdansk

Zygmunt Nasilowski
Sales Representative

Wei Xiaowan (Kathy)
Sales Representative

Omar Ben Slimane
Commercial Manager

Mikhail Smirnov
Senior Commercial
Our current database includes the detailed information of over 42,000 firms collected over 14 years, all since the foundation of our company. We have fully embraced technical advances and our office is equipped with the most up-to-date computer systems. We collaborate with similar publishers abroad, though it should be noted that we create and print our publications entirely in Poland.
Since September 1995, our publishing house has been member of the European Association of Directory Publishers (EADP), with full rights, based in Brussels. At present, only four publishers in Poland are proud members of EADP. However, LINK is the only one among them with Polish only capital. The membership in EADP brings immeasurable benefits as we have joined an all-European distribution network of catalogue publications.
In December 2004 LINK Publishing signed an agreement with PRINT-EXPO Ltd for exclusive representational rights for Poland and Western Europe. PRINT-EXPO Ltd is the largest maritime media publisher in Russia and is the organiser of many maritime fairs (such as, NEVA and TRANSTEK in St. Petersburg), and is also the owner of the largest Russian maritime Internet platform This large scale organisation is also the publisher of MARITIME MARKET a Russian quarterly, which is available in Russia and throughout the countries of the former USSR.
We believe that good trade relations with post-Soviet nations are very important to our country and therefore we are entering into a tough promotion campaign to interest shipping companies from the Russian Federation, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia and Ukraine. We are sure that these services, as well as our other business opportunities on offer, can only create profitable economic relationships between ourselves and any interested parties.
In the May 2006 our company also signed an agreement with AHOY ROTTERDAM for exclusive representational rights in Poland for the EUROPORT MARITIME fair in Rotterdam. It is one of the largest maritime economy fairs.

We are confident that LINK publications will become an even greater integral part of the Polish economy and are working hard to continually increase the breadth and quality of each new edition.

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